How To Have a Better Orgasm

Both men and women have forever searched for secrets to have a better orgasm during sex. Everything from books to positions and diets, exercises and even drugs have been recommended in this context.

Even though many of these suggestions are actually well-founded, there are still people who search for ways to have an intense orgasm, their view of perfection. If they fail, they take to believing that something is wrong with their bodies.

This leads them to get carried away by all the media publicizing in regard with this issue, so that they begin to believe that unless they do things in the exact manner that experts suggest, they are not having sex properly. This thinking, in return, only makes this worse as it creates anxiety and insecurity, which make the possibility of having a mild orgasm really minimum, no chance of an intense orgasm there.

To have a better orgasm, the first and foremost thing is to let yourself have one.

You must shed any heavy inhibitions of sexual concerns – including being guilty or ashamed of your body or such pleasures. It helps you discover better orgasms.

It is very important that you are fully aware of your body if you want to have more satisfying sex and better orgasms. It requires you to discover on your own as to what kind of touch on which part makes you feel good and stimulates you.

Explore Your Body For Better Pleasure

You must also know how it arouses you and builds into an orgasm. If you yourself are unaware of what sexually arouses you, it is impossible for you to get it across to your partner, or to have a great sexual experience. It means that you must spend some time exploring your body and search for points of pleasure.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles

You must also understand that orgasms employ muscles. Even though it isn’t something that we remember at the time, but it is a basic fact that arousal as well as orgasm use many muscles of our body. Our pelvic muscles undergo a lot of contraction which means that our muscles must be in excellent shape to have a good experience. You should perform the Kegel exercises for strengthening your pelvic muscles and improving the intensity of orgasms.

Substitute Your Medicine

You might want to go through the labels on the bottles of your medicines. Medicines are known to have many side effects on our sexual ability, especially difficulty in having an orgasm. You can discuss with your health care provider to check if there are any such medicines that you may be taking. Often, you’ll find a substitute medicine with no such side effects.

Breathe Slowly

Also, breathe slowly and go about it slowly. You must breathe deeply and slowly during sex. Controlling your breathing helps maintain the flow of oxygen in your blood. This aids orgasms and keeps you aware of your body’s response. Also, it keeps your mind in the experience instead of throwing you off. It can also help you to go about it slowly.

If you take your own time for fore playing and arousal, it will improve your orgasm so that it occurs just as it is needed, making it much more satisfying.

You must pay attention to your vagina. This means that you observe what happens during arousal and take note of any problems that you might experience.

In case of experiencing dryness or reduced elasticity in the vagina which can occur as a result of aging or childbirth, it can make sex an uncomfortable experience – even painful. This inhibits proper orgasm. Such dryness and reduced elasticity are, however, quite easily treatable as compared to other sexual issues.

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