Why Can’t Men See Beyond a Woman’s Breast?

A recent Google search statistic showed that Pamela Anderson is one of the top three most searched terms of the past ten years.

Let that sink in for a moment, the past decade has seen wars and economic depressions and at least two or three major scientific breakthroughs and yet “Pamela Anderson” has remained constantly in the top three most searched terms of the last decade.

For those who are wondering what deep and profound relationship that term has maintained with the greater world here is the answer; breasts.

Since the time men have been able to form coherent thoughts and emotions one thing that has united them across all the barriers that they have erected around themselves. That feeling, when they encounter a big natural breast.

There can be few arguments among any sides that the beauty of a big natural breast leaves very few aesthetes disappointed.

It is one of the most visually noticeable and appreciable features on a woman, compensating even a not so shapely figure the generous bosom helps redeem all but a few of a woman’s faults.

This fascination with a woman’s breasts is hardwired into the genetics of men.

Researchers suggest that a big natural breast is nature’s way of indicating that the female is of good breeding stock and would make an excellent mother. Most men would however not have biology and genetics on their mind when appreciating a generously endowed woman.

What attracts most men to this lovely phenomenon is the natural urge in most beings to appreciate beauty and bounty. This is not to imply that a smaller cup size would make a woman any less beautiful but to truly appreciate the wonders of femininity most would prefer the big natural breast over its counterpart.

This trend is not limited to men only; in fact there is a wide range of industry that is based on the unique attributes of buxom women. There are entire brand names and industries based on providing bras for big breasts.

An entire range of aesthetic functionality gear, which is targeted towards women with big breasts or those aspiring to shape their chests more towards that end. It is not simply a male prerogative to appreciate the beauty of a naturally buxom woman; it is now also a vastly profitable subculture.

A few tips for those who are naturally endowed with this ample bounty.

Beauty no longer lies in the eyes of the beholder, so therefore, even the mere possession of this admirable trait qualifies you for the appreciation and admiration of men, and some women, there are a few things you need to remember.

Presentation is key, this is not to sound rude or chauvinistic but even the most endowed of women fail to attract attention and appreciation if the gifts which nature has bestowed on them are enjoyed irresponsibility. There is a huge range of bras for big breast which can help better show case such gifts and provide much needed support, so that we all may better appreciate them.

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