Plastic Surgery On Breast And Proper Ways Of Taking Care Of Them

taking care of breastFemale breasts in fact do not have any muscles that can help them maintain their position on the chest. The only body structures that support and hold the breasts in place are the ligaments in the axillary area (near the armpits in front) and the muscles beneath the mammary glands (pectoralis major and minor).

In other words, if the structures that support the breasts in place are not taken proper care of, it may result in early sagging, tightening of chest or even compression that will result in loss of sensation and firmness of the breasts.

All these are clinically proven by many health professionals studying human body.

Breast tumor or cancer is currently the number one problem occurring in women and once they have it, the breasts affected by tumors must be surgically removed.

The common cause is putting too much pressure on the breasts while genetics play very little role in increasing the chances or cancer occurrence on the breasts.

After the surgery with the given time, they can be also replaced surgically and once done, women should take good care of them.

There are number of ways on how to properly take care of breasts whether a female underwent plastic surgery on breast or not.

Skin Care of the Breasts

Protecting the skin of the breasts is a must. Skin examination for at least once a month or every two will help you keep track of your health status.

Skin care for breasts is very important because females wear bras for more than 12 hours (which is a bad thing proven by clinics). Take note of any changes you can notice and compare it with the last examination done to your breasts.

Wearing proper fitting bras can also help reduce pressure on the breasts and prevent accumulation of moist which can be very bad to the breast skin.

Exercises and Massages For Breasts

Stretching exercise for breast tightening include stretching the pectoralis/chest muscles. To do this, you will need another person’s assistance.

First, sit on a chair with back rest and lay your back firmly on the chair.

Second, place both your hands at the back of your head.

Now this part is the most critical, that is the job of the person to assist you. The one that assists you places his/her hands on your elbows and he/she will gently pull them towards your back. That is the time you will feel the stretch on your chest.

For it to be very effective, hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds and repeat it for 8-10 times with proper. Do it three times a day with proper time interval for best results.

More Breast Exercises: Simple Exercises to Tighten Breasts

Keep Your Body Fit

The most important part of maintaining healthy breasts is by keeping yourself healthy and fit. Avoid foods that contain too much fat and eat only the right amount of food for your body.

Eating only the right amount of food is important because human body is very unique from one another. One may have a very efficient metabolic rate while others have very slow metabolism.

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