Forskolin: Benefits And Side Effects

coleus forskohlii plantIf your body isn’t receiving the right minerals and nutrients it needs to function to the best of its ability on a daily basis, don’t worry – there are a number of natural supplements that can provide you with the nutrients that you need.

However, with so many of these supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose…

Do you want to lose weight? Increase your general health? Clear acne?

If so, Forskolin can help.

It has already been used by people from around the world, and is one of the most popular natural supplements available today – especially when it comes to weight loss. This extract has already been used in medicine for hundreds of years, and has been championed by a plethora of health professionals, including Dr Oz. from the American syndicated television talk show Dr Oz.

What Is Forskolin?

Forskolin (commonly known as Forskohlii) can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet to speed up the fat loss process, making weight loss more effective. However, it has a wealth of other health benefits, and can help to:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Clear acne and other skin conditions
  • Reduce blood slots
  • Help with any allergies that you might have
  • Improve digestion

Other benefits include helping hypothyroidism, improving the immune system, and alleviating the symptoms of depression.

How Does It Help With Fat Loss?

According to a study published in 2005 by Obesity Research, 30 men who were either obese or overweight received either Forskolin or a placebo every day for 12 weeks.

It was found that individuals who were given Forskolin showed an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat when compared with the placebo group. Patients in the group who were given the Forskolin also experienced an increase in bone mass.

Can It Help With Asthma?

A study that was conducted in 2006 and featured in the Journal of International Medical Research found that asthma attacks were less frequent among individuals who took Forskolin capsules when compared to those who were given sodium cromoglycate inhalations – a common treatment for asthma.

The study lasted for six months, and researched 40 adults and children who had mild or moderate asthma.

What About Glaucoma?

Research also suggests that Forskolin could help protect the eyes – especially glaucoma. In fact, studies undertaken on rabbits found that the natural supplement can help to reduce intraocular pressure, which can be a contributing factor to development of glaucoma. When Forskolin was tested on mice in a separate study, it was found the natural supplement could also help to induce tanning and change the pigmentation of the skin (however the study didn’t look at the effects of tanning on humans).

Are There Any Side Effects?

Although clinical research data is lacking, Forskolin should be avoided by people with polycystic kidney disease, and there have been reports of rapid or irregular heart rate with consumption of colforsin (a forskolin derivative).

Top 3 Brands of Coleus Forskohlii Pills

Here are our pick of the 3 best Forskolin brands currently on the market.


3. Forskolin 125 by Evolution Slimming

These Forskolin capsules are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Each container features 60 capsules, allowing you to lose weight naturally over time.

Evolution Slimming is one of the largest natural supplement manufacturers in the world, and is renowned for the customer service that they offer… providing you with the peace of mind you need when purchasing a product like this.

For more info visit evolution slimming store when you click here.

Forskolin-NatureWise2. Forskolin Plus+ by NatureWise

Forskolin by NatureWise is one of the most popular Forskolin supplements available, with each capsule containing 250 mg Forskolin and 200 mcg chromium- a special formula that contains 20% pure forskolin.

Each container has 120 capsules of forskolin, making this product great value-for-money.

You will be able to take two (2) pills of the supplement twice daily with meals (refer to the directions on the container).

This supplement can be purchased on

1. Forskolin 250 by Bauer Nutrition

Forskolin 250 by Bauer Nutrition is our #1 pick because this product is double-strength (so you get more for your money), and packed full of the very best ingredients.

forskolin-by-bauer-nutritioThe manufacturer is renowned for their excellent customer service, and there are a number of different ways you can contact a member of staff if you need some additional information about the product.

Forskolin 250 is suitable for vegetarians, can be consumed on a daily basis, and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee – providing you with the peace of mind you need when purchasing a product like this.

I’ve found huge saving on this brand on official Bauer Nutrition online store, such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free + FREE Delivery – saving you more money in the long run. What’s more, you can get additional discount… when you insert 3 bottles at the checkout you’ll get 3 more bottles for FREE!


Forskolin is a natural weight loss supplement that can burn fat by increasing the fat-breaking hormones and enzymes in the body.

With prolonged use of the product, you will be able to burn stored fat and excess calories, helping you to lose weight gradually over time. You could see results in as little as a few weeks, and you will be able to retain your lean muscle mass.

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