Intivar Review – Does Intivar Work?

With regret I have to announce that makers of Intivar have announced that they are withdrawing Intivar from sale. As from June 1st 2014 Intivar will not be available to buy.
However, my own research has found that women interested in heightened sexual pleasure and libido, as well as enhanced vaginal lubrication have been getting great results using HerSolution Gel. It uses similar ingredients and delivers similar results as Intivar (Scroll down for more info)

In following Intivar review you’re going to get low-down on this 100% natural female renewal gel and discover why it became so popular.

It is very common that many women suffer from vaginal dryness, painful or un-enjoyable sex or loss of sexual desire. Reasons for this are many. It could be age due to hormonal changes of menopause, childbirth and breast-feeding, daily stress…

If you have suffered from any of this symptoms then you may be looking for a proper solution that will help you get rid of one of these conditions and prevent it from re-occurrence.intivar rating

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What is Intivar?

As the company claims Intivar is a unique female renewal gel that has been proven to help moisturise and tighten the vagina, restoring the overall youthfulness of your vagina.  It increases blood flow to the vaginal area resulting in instant constriction and heightening of sensitivity in sexual response making sex more enjoyable and no longer painful.

The most important, Intivar is made from all natural ingredients, clinically tested and scientifically proven that does not cause any side effects .

Why to use Intivar:

  • Improves natural lubrication and helps against vaginal pain and dryness
  • Improves elasticity and helps to tighten the vagina
  • Increases blood flow in vaginal area which result in instant tightening and heightening of sexual response sensitivity
  • Helps you bring back the pleasure of sex again resulting in more orgasms
  • Improves overall vaginal hygiene and health
  • Because it will make sex incredible

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How does it work?

Intivar is based on four powerful and unique natural ingredients that work in perfect harmony to increase a woman’s ability to produce vaginal lubrication and to restore vaginal elasticity and tightening sensation.

The main ingredient Mirofirm is a purified extract of Pueraria mirifica that tightens and firms the vaginal walls, eases dryness and improves lubrication. It’s structurally similar to estradiol, one of the main sexual hormones in women.

Quercus infectoria (Oak) Gall extract enhances blood flow to the vaginal area enhancing your sensitivity and arousal. Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal effects it allows you to keep hygiene and overall health of your vagina. Also, oak helps to restore the uterine wall’s elasticity after childbirth.

Hamammelis virginiana or Witch hazel provides cooling, antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. In combination with Mirofirm and Gall extract helps to increase sensitivity of the female response with a rush of blood flow, resulting in almost instantly tightening the vaginal area.

Panax (Korean) Ginseng is known to enhance resistance to stress and helps build up immunity and helps to increase the sensation of sex making.

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Are there any side effects?

The answer is NO! This is another reason why Intivar is so popular. Because it contains all natural active ingredients made from 100% botanical essence, Intivar rejuvenation gel is clinically safe and side effects free. Therefore, Intivar is extremely effective and suitable for:

  • Women of any age, who have difficulties with vaginal lubrication (dryness)
  • Women who wish to restore the overall youthfulness (grip and appearance) of the vagina 
  • Women who are already, or going through menopause
  • Women who have just given birth

Is Intivar Recommended

I spent some time hunting around to see if I could find women who had gotten results using Intivar, which were not from the company’s website. I actually found more positive feedback than I expected. Most women in fact feel the difference within minutes of the first application!


However, keep in mind that the tightening effect depends on individual response. Although many women report that they have felt the tightening sensation within minutes after the first application, mostly it takes a few weeks to experience any permanent improvement.

How often to apply Intivar?
According to the official website you should squeeze a small amount of gel on your fingertips and apply gel twice a day inside your vagina.

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What are the benefits of Intivar?

  • Tightens the vagina
  • Promotes natural lubrication
  • Regains vaginal elasticity
  • Stimulates sexual desire
  • Helps achieving orgasm more often
  • Does not create any harmful side effects
  • Prevents fungal infection
  • Restores overall youthfulness of your vagina

How much does it cost?

Intivar has very affordable price when compared to other female sexual renewal products.

The basic one month supply costs just $49.90, so you need less than $1.66 per day to restore vaginal elasticity and bring back the pleasure of sex. No need for expensive vaginal creams and even better no need for expensive and risky surgery.

Moreover, there are amazing discounts available when you buy in bulk as you can SAVE up to amazing 50%. That’s a huge $137.50 value discount!

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Where to Buy Intivar with Special Discounts

It doesn’t matter if you live in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or even United Arab Emirates; the only place where you can buy Intivar with no worries to be scammed is the official Intivar website.

The official Intivar website always has free packages giveaways and special deals on shipping, so you can get anywhere from 19% to 50% discount. Buying from somewhere else means you automatically miss out on these benefits.

WARNING: For safety reasons I recommend that you only buy from the because you can try it for 60 days. Buying from anywhere else may not be a good idea, not if you want the 100% money back guarantee.

Try It RISK FREE For 60 Days

If you’re still worried about whether this product works or not you should know that you’re completely protected with 60 day money back guarantee.

If this product doesn’t give you the results the manufacturer have promised then you can send it back and get your money back. As simple as that.

Intivar Review – Conclusion

Unlike other female renewal products available, Intivar is clinically tested to ensure that you will see the results that you’re looking foe in the shortest time period. Once you take this gel, you won’t have to deal with ‘loose’ vagina, vaginal dryness, symptoms of menopause, or diminished sex drive anymore.

Order today, risk free and reignite the passion, put an end to the misery of uncertainty and have the sexy loving relationship you deserve.

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