Methodology X By Dan Roberts Review

dan robert's methodology x workoutWhile many fitness programs help us tighten up, gain muscle, and lose fat, not all of them help us connect with our bodies in a loving way.

When I decided to do a Methodology X review, it was simply because of the statement that it helps you to love your body and see it as an instrument, rather than an ornament. This is so important for women to do in order to gain self-confidence and live a healthy life overall.

  • Special Update: January 13, 2019 Dan has been kind enough to offer access to the first 4 days of MethodologyX for £5. You can sample workout when you visit official website here. But, hurry up… This deal ends on Sunday (January 20, 2019) at midnight so make sure you get in before it’s gone!

Workouts Should Make Us Feel Good, Not Bad

Loving your body can be hard, no matter what your body looks like. Women are exposed to constant images of what sexy is supposed to look like, and if they can’t live up to those images, then they feel ‘less-than’.

Does this sound like you?

If not, you have managed to bypass the TV ads, red carpet runways, and fitness models that are at every turn.

The issue is that while most of us know that the perfection we see in ads is not real, and the toned bodies we see in Hollywood comes with a lot of sacrifice, we still kick ourselves because we don’t look like these women. And our workouts become painful, not pleasurable.

So, it’s time women get busy being healthy both physically and mentally.

That’s where Methodology X comes in.

Working Out With MethodologyX Gets Healthy Results

Yes, the Methodology X workout is called ‘the model workout‘. But, it does not come with unhealthy habits that many models in the news partake of.

This workout promises you the body you want without the unhealthy habits.

This program was designed to help give you the model look, which means a leaner and firmer look without the bulk. This program is different because it has a unique method of home training, and it only takes 30 minutes a day. It involves high intensity workouts, which is often known to be the best workout you can do for maximum calorie burn, positive metabolism benefits, and overall results.

Not only do you get access to the workout, you also get to be part of an exclusive community of members on Facebook, who will offer you support and feedback as you go through your 28-day workout and beyond.

Why Methodology X?

methodology x workout by dan robertsLet me explain.

This program was created by a man who understands a woman’s body.

His name is Dan Roberts, and he has been training models and stars for two decades now. In fact, he is highly sought-after, and this program is his way of making ‘healthy’ a way for everyone to live.

You will not only sculpt your body, you will get in tune with your body, connect with every muscle, and understand how to make your body work for you. The program has a very holistic feel to it. Core and balance is a big part of this workout, and the results will help you get your body to a nice, proportional look.

Models love this workout.


Because their busy lifestyle doesn’t allow them a lot of time to go to the gym for hours every day (Sound familiar?) But, their body demands that they work out.

So, MethodologyX offers them a solution to go home, workout for 30 minutes, and then feel good about their efforts. Moreover, this workout is designed to give them the body they need to thrive in the industry.

And, you can get these benefits too.

Dan Roberts Workout Program Featured In The Media


Who Is This Program Not For?

Please note: Because this program is intense, it’s not meant for people who are severely overweight or dealing with any kind of heart condition. This is definitely a drawback for anyone who wants to get the model look, but is not able to work out at an intense level – yet.

What Do You Get?

Here’s the deal.

Not only will you get the whole 28-day exercise online guide, you will get two complementary eBooks that will help you understand how nutrition and yoga can complement your MethodologyX workout.

Everyone knows that no matter how hard you work, your nutrition is a huge deciding factor over the results you see. These bonuses are not by Dan, but rather by experts in their fields.

All future updates are included with this program, which means that if anything changes, you will not have to repurchase the program.

Because Methodology X promises to give you the insight that you need to gain the body you want, plus any updates in the future, you will never have to spend another penny on workout information again.

What Real People Are Saying About Methodology X?

Personal trainers and models all around the world are loving this workout program. Just take a look at some of them…methodology x workout testimonials



Read more testimonials from happy customers and fitness experts

Where To Buy Methodology X?

As of this Methodology X review there is a discount until the end of the year. This means you SAVE an incredible $30 off the original price (limited time offer), and it also means this is the best time to try out this workout program. This deal is available at Methodology X official website only.

If you are worried that it might not work for you and be a waste of money, stop worrying. There is a 1-month money back guarantee that ensures that if it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back. Your satisfaction is their goal, and you have nothing to lose by trying out this program.

It’s Time To Do Something (Really) Healthy For Your Body!

The bottom line is that it is time women start connecting with their body instead of fighting against it. By ordering the Methodology X program, you can get the model body without the sacrifice, both physically and mentally.

Go ahead and check out the finer details for yourself at, and remember, the longer you wait to try it out, the longer you wait to engage in a workout program that makes you not only look great, but also feel good about yourself.

Click to start losing inches, without a gym membership!

(Gain lifetime access to the Methodology X workout, free updates and membership to Dan’s facebook support group)

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