Tips On Keeping Your Breasts Youthful Naturally

A very surprising clinical finding of Dr. Young who is an expert in neurological sciences and human psychology is that, men are very attracted to female breasts – be it full and pert, or sporty in size. 😮

Female breast size preferences of men vary from one another. Thinking practically, breast size for females actually plays a very important role in increasing their scores on the man of their type.

Hormones are responsible in breast enlargement in females during puberty. These hormones are the oxytocin and estrogen. The amount of these hormones being released in the female human body is what determines the outcome size of her breasts; the more of these hormones are released, the larger the breasts grow and vice versa.

However, female should take very good care of their breasts because their breasts are very sensitive and firm. Breast enhancement can be of very good help in maintaining the breasts shape and size.

Breast firming methods include massaging that helps in draining lymph fluids. Take note that accumulation of lymph fluids in a single area (breasts and armpits are included in areas where lymph fluids usually accumulates) is abnormal and can be very bad. It may result in breast sagging, loss of firmness once the fluids are gone, and loss of sensation.

The proper way of massaging breasts is as follows:

  • Apply very gentle pressure (not greater than the pressure that can be applied to your eyelids) from the nipples going down using your index and middle fingers. Do this for about 15-30 times.
  • Perform a kneading-like motion on the breasts and also do lift ups on them.
  • Perform circular movements on the breasts by grasping them using your both hands.
  • Apply pressure on the whole area of one breast using your hands. Be very careful as to not to put too much pressure on them.
  • Wear a properly fitted bra as the last step of the massage

Clinical findings show that massage is the only way to maintain the size and shape the female breasts. Massages can even help enhance them if done regularly. For the massage to be very effective, it can be done during shower. Used moderately cold water during massage time and them hot/warm water as you finish massaging them.

Keep your body posture correct all the time! Proper body posture help in maintaining breast shape and greatly reduce the chances of your breasts to sag. Keeping proper body posture also enhances breast lift up and makes them look higher.

Skin peeling is also one way of keeping your breasts look youthful and healthy. You can use dermatological products that help in skin peeling (mostly available in drug stores). This can help in providing a more elastic and smooth skin and firmer looks on your breasts.

Remember that breasts as a female is one of your greatest assets. Taking good care of them is a must. Always perform exercises such as stretching of your chests (consult a physician or a physical therapist for a more accurate prescription of exercises), wearing proper fitting bras and skin care for your breasts.

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