Boost Up Your Sex Drive!

Low libido or sex drive is the most common sexual complaint reported amongst women.

Knowing that it is a common problem does not give any kind of relief or assurance to women experiencing it instead it makes them wish for solutions.

Causes Of Low Sex Drive

The 1st thing that you’ll need to do in order to look for a solution for low sex drive is to understand what its causes are.

There can be a number of causes like life situations such as fatigue, trauma, relationship issues and stress which have adverse effects on your sexual desire. Our sexual desire ebbs and flows over our life’s course depending on what is happening at that time. Though there are many other causes as well for low libido like injury, illness, infection and side effects of any medication.

Irregularity in hormone level is one of the chief reasons for women experiencing decline in sex drive. This happens throughout and after pregnancy and also through menopause as women age. When levels of hormone are out of sync or low, it has a negative impact on sexual desire. First and foremost, healthy hormone level is essential for sexual desire. Simple!

Secondly, dryness in vagina occurs due to abnormal or low hormone level which makes sex painful and excruciating. This begins a vicious circle of attempted sexual intercourse -uncomfortable or painful sex leading to failed sexual encounter-avoidance and fear of sexual encounters-decline in sex drive.

Vaginal Dryness

Our mind is a very powerful thing and it has its own way of protecting our body. When someone is expecting sex to be uncomfortable or painful because of reasons like vaginal dryness, it is easy to suppose that every sexual encounter will have a bitter ending. Therefore when it comes to sexual desire the body in order to protect itself shuts down. It chooses to shut down over the risk of pain. It’s but natural.

Natural Solution For Low Libido

But there is nothing to worry about as there are solutions for low libido. Intivar is one such solution.

Intivar is beneficial as it helps boost a woman’s natural tendency to produce vaginal lubrication. It also helps in increasing the flow of blood to the genitals. Proper flow of blood is important to heighten sexual arousal. Intivar heightens sensations in the vagina by increasing the flow of blood. This results in better and more dominant orgasms.

Once there is an increase in vaginal lubrication and blood flow many women regain their sexuality which helps them have an incredible sex life and never experience low sex drive or libido ever again. The first step is the hardest for which one must admit that there is an issue and have a strong will to overcome it. Intivar is the first step in bringing your sex life on track; it’s a leap of faith.

If you are amongst those numerous women suffering from low libido try Intivar and take a leap of faith. The results will quickly prove themselves and you will question why you waited so long.

Update: 10/02/13  Our research has found that women interested in vaginal tightening have been getting great results using Intivar Female Rejuvenation Gel. Example results in image below.

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