Glucomannan Plus Review: Suppress Your Appetite the Easy Way


Suppress Appetite The Easy Way and Realize Your Body Transformation Goals with Glucomannan Plus

Are your food cravings inhibiting your weight loss?

If so, Glucomannan can help you to feel fuller for longer – preventing you from snacking in-between meals and making sure your body transformation goals are within easy reach.

There are numerous supplements on the market that contain Glucomannan (Konjak Root), with Glucomannan Plus – available from Evolution Slimming – being among the most popular.

This natural supplement also contains green tea and chromium, both of which are effective when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels and suppressing the appetite.

The product absorbs water in the stomach so that you feel fuller throughout the day, and has been clinically proven as a safe and effective way to lose weight. In fact, the supplement also works as a natural colon cleansing supplement to help relieve the symptoms of constipation.

This Glucomannan Plus review focuses on whether this natural supplement really works, where you can order it, and how it can speed up weight loss.

What Is Glucomannan Plus?

glucomannan ratingGlucomannan Plus contains 500 mg of Glucomannan/Konjack Powder. Did you know that Glucomannan has long been used in food and medicine and can be found growing in numerous Asian countries? It is derived from a plant called Konjac Root, and is a form of water-soluble fiber.

Studies have shown that Glucomannan can suppress the appetite and make you feel fuller for longer, making it an effective weight loss aid. Other benefits of Glucomannan include improving cholesterol levels and regulating blood sugar levels.

How Does It Work?

Glucomannan has been shown to expand when it comes in contact with water. In fact, studies show that the water-soluble fiber can swell as much as seventeen times its own weight.

What does this mean for you?

Well, a natural supplement that contains Glucomannan will cause the fiber to swell inside your stomach so that you feel fuller for longer and won’t want to eat as much as you normally would. You will also notice that your blood sugar levels remain stabilized so you won’t experience a “sugar high” or “sugar low” that can trigger food cravings.

Glucomannan Plus can also cleanse the digestive system and the colon which can promote weight loss and better health.

Is It Worth It?

Glucomannan Plus contains 500 mg of Glucomannan in each capsule, providing great value for money. It contains more Glucomannan than other products on the market, and also includes other ingredients which are effective in promoting weight loss such as chromium (6 micro grams in each capsule) and green tea extract (50 mg in each capsule).

For the best results, take 2 capsules three times every day, around 15 to 30 minutes before a meal. This is to give the fiber enough time to expand in your stomach before a meal so that you don’t overeat. Always take a dose with a glass of a water.

Other Benefits

  • Studies show that Glucomannan is safe to consume and there, and is suitable for anyone over the age of five (although children will need to be supervised by an adult). The manufacturer also warns that children should not consume more than four capsules a day.
  • A 30 day money-back guarantee is available, providing you with peace of mind at all times.
  • Evolution Slimming are renowned for their customer service, and there are a number of ways you can contact a customer representative if you have a query about one of their products, or just want some additional information about Glucomannan Plus. You will be able to converse with a member of staff on the company’s official website, or via social media.


The manufacturer warns that you should drink plenty of water when consuming Glucomannan to avoid stomach ache and constipation. However, any side effects such as bloating or diarrhea, will be less likely if you stick to the recommended dose.

To see the best results, you will also need to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet. You will be less likely to see changes in your body shape if you continue to eat processed and fatty foods. However, a free seven day nutrition guide is provided when you purchase Glucomannan Plus, with a number of helpful hints on how to make the best nutritional choices for weight loss.

Save Money

glucomannan weight lossYou will now be able to save 33% on a 10 day supply of Glucomannan Plus (60 capsules), a 47% on a 20 day supply of Glucomannan Plus (120 capsule), and a 44% saving on a 30 day supply of Glucomannan Plus (180 capsules). You will be able to take advantage of these considerable savings by making your purchase from the Evolution Slimming online store.


If you want to curb your cravings and suppress your appetite, Glucomannan Plus can speed up weight loss and prevent you from snacking on processed and fatty foods in-between meals. This natural supplement is easy to consume, and have been proven to lower blood sugar level, lower cholesterol, and aid with digestive and colon health.

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