Tava Weight Loss Tea Review

TavaTea Elixir of YouthIf you feel tired of trying new diets and exercises, and you think diet pills are not the right product for you there’s a solution and it’s called tea. Yes, but not the everyday tea, we’re talking about an original wellness product-Tava Tea.

It’s very simple to use it and you don’t need to change your diet or work out. You can drink it just as you drink usual tea and you won’t hate the taste of it.

What is TavaTea?

Tava tea is a wellness product made from 100% natural green tea. When it comes to dieting and losing weight, this product makes it simpler. You can forget about strict regimes and complicated weight loss products. Yes, just by drinking tea couple of times a day you can see great results.

Green-tea-leavesTava Tea is a unique formula derived from 3 types of powerful green teas:

  • Sencha – It contains Catechin, a powerful antioxidant which destroys free radicals, it may lower the blood pressure and is anti-bacterial.
  • Wuyi Cliff Oolong – It can burn fat and in the same time it can reduce cholesterol, prevent heart aliments and it can be used for treatment of digestive disorders.
  • Puerh – It can ameliorate digestion of food and it can help enhance circulation. Also, it can lower blood cholesterol levels.

It’s organically grown and only the most fines leaves are used in the blend. This blend is very effective in weight loss and in keeping you healthy in general. Its powerful nutrients have been used for 5000 years in China. People found them very useful for healing and for keeping the body healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea?

Japan’s University found that people drinking green tea burned twice as much calorie as the people drinking regular green tea.

And this is only one of the many benefits that this amazing product has. Other benefits you will be enjoying:

  •  Boosts up your metabolism – You will lose weight faster and in the same time you will feel better.
  •  Kills the fattening effects of the carbohydrates you eat – Scientists have found that drinking TavaTea just 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates can lower the insulin spike you usually get after eating carbs. This means that drinking this tea will prevent your body from storing the extra fat.
  •  It’s good for body and mind too -TavaTea product contains amino acid L-theanine, which is responsible for increasing alpha brain wave activity, which means that it calms the nerve system by producing dopamine and serotonine.
  • Strengthens your immune system – The scientific journal published a study in 2004, showing that people who drunk oolong tea have a stronger immune system and had a significantly lower risk of infections.
  • Slows the aging process -In a 2004 study, the results showed that tea drinkers had 50 percent reduction in free radicals.

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How Does It Work?

One of the main ingredients, polyphenols activates an enzyme which dissolves the triglycerides, the most common form of fats.

In fact, this has been proven in a 2007 American study where the tea reduced triglycerides by 80% in rats.

One of the active parts of polyphenols is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which is responsible for boosting your metabolism and burning the calories.

As we mentioned above, the tea contains antioxidants that slow the aging process by defending your metabolism of free radicals. Free radicals are linked with diseases too, like Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases.

The result showed that people who drink Tava Tea are at 26 % lower risk of heart disease. So this tea may help you prevent diseases and look younger and more vital at the same time.

How to use it?

You should take TavaTea instead of ordinary tea every day, before meals. The recommended amount is 2-4 cups per day. It’s simple and you will enjoy it.

Wuyi Cliff Oolong TeaYou can surely distinct TavaTea from the everyday tea. The Tava tea is packed into high quality pyramide teabags that are actually made from silk. On this way the leaves can easily expand and breathe.

  • Don’t forget TavaTea is made from high quality leaves and its teabags doesn’t contain “tea dust” as many regular ones.
  •  You can be sure that the product is grown organically without any chemical pesticides as many other products out there.
  • The pyramid teabags allow water to infuse the tea and release its tea flavors giving you the best out of it. And the best part is that you can reuse the teabag multiple times.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since TavaTea is a 100 % natural product from organically grown ingredients, you shouldn’t worry about any side effects. It does not go with a medical prescription, so everyone can use it.

Is TavaTea The Best Green Tea Brand For You?

Let’s see:

  • Do you want to be slimmer and healthier this summer?
  • Do you want to stop the aging process and in the same time prevent serious diseases?
  • Do you want to boost your metabolism and your energy?
  • Do you want to wear your favorite clothes again?

Well, I bet the answer to all of these is yes. And the good thing is that you can do it, just like all of these people did it and changed their lives for good.


If you want to check out more customer testimonials click here.

So, in case you can’t decide whether TavaTea  is the right choice for you, let’s remind you:

  • Tava Tea is a 100% natural organic product
  • It is originally packed in pyramid nylon teabags
  • It’s rich with antioxidants which means it kills “free radicals” and slows the aging process and also prevents diseases
  • It’s a mix of 3 teas that speed your metabolism, lower the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol
  • It’s easy to take and it has no side effects
  • Fast shipping and 100% secure ordering are guaranteed

Where To Buy Tava Tea?

You can buy TavaTea in markets, but you risk getting it more expensive. So, the best and the safest way is to order it online from the official site and be sure that you are getting the right product for the right price.

It’s available exclusively from reputable online store Slimming.com and comes with a money back guarantee and a six months warranty.


Unlike other ordinary tea available in your local store, Tava tea is a blend of 3 powerful teas and is scientifically proven to help you lose 4-16 lbs a month by drinking at least 4 cups per day.

Thanks to this tea you will be a step further from having the figure you’ve always dreamed of. You can amaze your friends and family by looking and feeling better than ever because green tea helps you lose weight and gives you more energy for daily activities.

Hopefully, we helped you understand what TavaTea is and how it works. It’s on you now, you know the way to slimmer and healthier body with no or just a little extra work!


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