How To Lose Weight Fast After Having a Baby

lose weight fast after having a babyWomen usually gain between 10 and 13 kg weight during pregnancy. Even though it is not recommended to be on a diet during pregnancy, after giving birth it is strongly advised to get fit again.

According to a medical report published in 2014 by Diabetes Care, women who have not lost the extra weight gained during pregnancy may suffer diabetes and cardiovascular disease one year after giving birth. Among 305 women who entered the Diabetes Care report, about 40 did not manage to lose weight and showed bad levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. So it is not just about feeling better and taking off the wardrobe all our favorite clothes again, but a health issue.

Doctors recommend that the best moment to start a diet is after the abstinence period (40 days after giving birth) and women should postpone it till breastfeeding has finished (in case that is the only nutritional source for the baby).

Don’t Give Up And Be Realistic

No one said would be easy. Of course, after a 9-months pregnancy your metabolism has changed and you will need some time to go back to your pants and look gorgeous again. But that should not be an excuse to avoid a healthy and balanced diet and go to a drastic diet that may seem to work at the beginning but in reality you will be losing liquids and you will gain back your kilos after so much effort.

How To Lose Weight

There are some tips which may be helpful to lose the extra weight gained after pregnancy, such as using dessert plates (so portions would be smaller) and exercise, even if it is just walking at a fast pace. It is advised not to skip any meals because that way your energy levels will decrease, but to eat smaller quantities about 5-6 times a day instead of 3 big meals per day. Breakfasts are mandatory to avoid feeling tired over the day.

On the other hand, you can consume low fat milk and other dairy products and, if you feel hungry at any time, take fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas or carrots, which are a perfect nutritional choice rich in vitamins and fibre.

Don’t forget to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water per day, because that will help your body remove fat. And keep in mind that water is a better option than soft drinks, juices and other liquids that may have sugar (and that means calories).

Your diet should include oven-cooked or grilled food, trying to avoid fried food as much as you can. Not to mention that it is better to refrain from eating sweets and other foods with high content of sugars and fat.

In brief, to see the benefits of your diet and lose weight after pregnancy, it is necessary to consume 500 kcal less every day.

Combine a Diet With Some Exercise

Some women cannot go back to their exact weight after pregnancy, and that is a fact. Your belly, hips and waist have changed during these months and you may be realistic about it. That is why doctors usually recommend combining a diet with some regular exercise: it helps to lose fat and keep your muscle tone.

Taking your baby for a walk every day and walking in a fast pace should be enough to start with a daily routine.

Remember: For the first 3-5 months your joints and ligaments are still weak so be careful. You may prefer going to the gym, where there are specialists who can indicate you some postnatal exercises, as well as take courses of yoga.

Speed Up Your Weight Loss

how to lose weight fast after having a babyIf you feel it will take too much time to get fit back again just by being on a diet and doing some exercise, then you will need an extra help. A lot of women want to show off their figure again and impress family and friends by losing the extra weight quicker. If that is your case, then you should rely on effective and safe diet pills such as Phen375.

Phen375 will help you to reach your desired weight without having to wait for months to get results. It is a fat burner with a satiety effect that helps you burn calories.

If you combine this natural supplement with a healthy diet (reducing the amount of food you ingest will be enough) and some light exercise (fancy a daily short walk with your baby) then you will be surprise how fast you can get your figure back and feel more confident and a gorgeous mum.

P.S. Now you can get the bigger package, which includes 3 bottles plus one free. The 3 months supply is perfect not only because you will save money, but also because science reports have showed that 90 days is the optimum time frame to force your metabolism into overdrive.

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