Proactol XS Review – How This Fat Binder Has Helped Me Lose Weight

proactol xsFat makes up a significant portion of our daily diet.


Each gram of fat you consume contains nine calories, compared to 4 calories for proteins and carbs[1]. This means that fat contributes a lot to caloric intake and a reduction will greatly benefit weight loss.

In recent times, fat binders are being recommended by doctors and dietitians to help bind some of the fat consumed.

For people who never heard of fat binders (also called fat blockers), it is a weight loss supplement that helps reduce the amount of fat consumed.

When I first heard of fat binders, I was 340lb, grossly overweight and a little bit desperate to lose some weight. I would try a fat binder this month, and a fat burner the next month; not knowing the difference between the two.

Fat binders prevent fat from being absorbed in the first place, while fat burners burn off the fat that has already been absorbed in the body. Fat binders were the obvious choice, but I didn’t know any better.

After six months of different yo-yo diets, I discovered Proactol XS.

Weight loss products make a lot of claims and outlandish promises that usually get buyers very suspicious.

Proactol was no different.

The review I found online claimed that the pill did not require any diet plans or rigorous fitness exercise to be effective and that it could bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat.

Basically, Proactol XS promised to make all my weight loss ‘dreams come true’.

Take a look at my Proactol XS review and find out how well it lived up to these promises.

What is Proactol XS and How It Work for Weight Loss?

Before diving into the nitty gritty, ask yourself what you want from a fat binder.

Remember, this product targets a particular weight loss need and isn’t for people who are looking for a fat burner or energy booster. It is simply a fat binder, and just like other fat binders, it restricts the body’s ability to absorb food fat.

Proactol XS works by binding the fat found in the food we eat to natural fibers in the pill. When fat enters the stomach from food, Proactol XS forms a gel that binds with the food fat, making it indigestible to the body.

The product is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition makers of Capsiplex, Meratol, Nuratrim and several other effective weight management products. The company claims that Proactol XS is made with only natural ingredients. They even carried out a study in February 2009 and concluded that Proactol XS increased the excretion of fecal fat, caused weight loss and created a feeling of fullness. Bauer Nutrition promises that the product can help people lose weight safely as well as maintain a healthy weight.

Below are the main features of Proactol XS according to the manufacturer’s website:

  • Lose Weight Safely and Effectively – It contains Chitosan, used in water purification plants to absorb greases, oils and toxic substances[2]. Making it also effective in absorbing and binding body fat. Chitosan will form a gel-like substance in your stomach, which removes the fats and cholesterol from the food you eat and passes through the body undigested.
  • Control your food cravings – Apart from being a fat binder, the pill also controls your appetite and restricts emotional eating by inducing the feeling of satiety and promoting positive moods.
  • Improves digestive system – It helps promote a good digestive system by boosting the absorption of nutrients. When your body has the right nutrients, you will experience good health overall.
  • Lean body – The fact is that this pill binds fat, not muscles. So as your fat ratio reduces, lean muscles appear naturally. As fat around the waist area diminishes, your waistline becomes smaller and more defined.

Proactol XS Proven Ingredients

proactol ingredientsA dose of Proactol XS taken before a meal starts working immediately. When fats from food enter the stomach, the drug interacts with the food and acts as a natural soluble fiber. It contains several ingredients that make this process possible.

The main active ingredient is Chitosan, which is a natural fibrous substance that helps you feel full after eating and can absorb fat and oils in the foods consumed.

I knew that Chitosan absorbed oils and fats, but I didn’t know how the process worked until I found a study carried out by the Clinical Trials Research Unit at the University of Auckland, in 2005[3]. The study was a series of randomized controlled trials that lasted for 4 weeks and finally revealed that chitosan results in a significant reduction in body weight.

Other active ingredients:
Magnesium Stearate – Sourced from vegetable oils and used as a filler in this drug. It can contribute to the production of good cholesterol and doesn’t increase the risk of heart disease.
Silica – Silica is a valuable mineral that the body uses to regulate the appetite. Suitable levels of silica in your body can reduce food intake throughout the day.
Hypromellose (HPMC) – Usually called HPMC, it is a soluble fiber that reduces insulin resistance in diets producing a high glycemic response. A study[4] published by Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine in 2011, revealed that HPMC not only reduces body weight but also regulates metabolic abnormalities.

No preservatives, gluten, lactose, milk protein or cholesterol are used in the production of Proactol XS.

My Proactol XS Results

my proactol xs weight loss resultsFor me, the power of chitosan in Proactol, and the fact that the company could back up its effectiveness with a money back guarantee was all the push I needed.

I decided to buy my first bottle of Proactol XS because I was looking for a supplement that stood out from others. I also felt that attacking my stomach fat before digestion was the best strategy due to my dietary lifestyle.

I didn’t want a weight loss product that relied on the latest weight loss trend. Rather I wanted to base my decision on cold, hard scientific facts.

My first month was encouraging as the drug was easy to take and I didn’t experience any side effects.

The dosage was 2 capsules, three times per day at 15 minutes intervals before every meal. I stuck to the dosage and never exceeded it. I took it exactly before my main meals and only missed it a few times in the first month.

  • It was easy to swallow. I’m a grown-up woman who can’t swallow pills! So whenever I take pills, I’ll need lots of water to keep it down. I usually go for non-pill form medication, but Proactol XS was not hard to swallow at all.
  • The dosage was easy to remember. Because meal times are my favorite times of the day, I didn’t have problems taking this drug. The few times I missed it was because I skipped meals. If you have problems remembering to take your pills, you could use an alarm that will tell you when it’s time to eat, and also remind you to take the drug 15 minutes before eating.
  • The drug suppressed my appetite. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was Proactol XS that was giving me that full feeling. I thought that it was a placebo effect of the medication so I ignored it. But when the feeling of fullness continued for a couple of weeks, I realized that it was the drug.

After my first three months on Proactol XS, I lost 54lbs in total.

This might not be significant for some people, but for me, it was a great start.

I didn’t incorporate any exercise or a low-calorie diet in the first month and simply ate as normal. I lost 9-lb after one month and was so excited I decided to mix it up in my second month.

I saw faster results when I stuck to a calorie controlled diet of about 1800 calories a day. My results were amazing because I lost up to 2.5% more body fat in my second month.

Side Effects: Is Proactol Safe?

I have two major concerns when taking any weight loss medication:

  • Is it effective?
  • Is it safe for my body?

There are many weight loss products in the market, and all of these products make big claims about their efficacy. Many contain chemicals and additives that could lead to unpleasant side effects so knowing the effects of Proactol XS was a major task for me.

I wanted to know what real users had to say if Proactol XS was well tested and if it worked.

At the end of my research, I was assured of all these questions. Proactol received the CE stamp of approval (a certification mark that shows conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards) and doctors recommend it when treating obesity.

Even though there are no side effects, there are some precautions that should be taken:

  • Consult your doctor before taking Proactol XS if you have an irritable bowel or any other intestinal problems.
  • Pregnant women and children under the ages of 12 should not take this drug.
  • Some people experienced slower bowel movements. This is a common side effect when you increase your intake of insoluble fiber. Drinking lots of water will help with this problem.

As Proactol is made from natural ingredients (with no additives, flavorings or sodium), it is relatively safe.

What Users Had to Say About Proactol

Wyler Smith’s Feedback on Proactol

My research for any side effects didn’t yield any dire information, so I decided to scour online sales pages for real users feedback.

Some of the reviews were an over exaggeration of what the product actually does, but I found some that were obviously from real users and helped me decide to try Proactol.

The first one was a 5-star review on Amazon. The user felt full after taking the drug and stated that it was, without a doubt, an appetite suppressant.

I found another that showed a before and after photo from a user called Emily, in Sheffield, UK. She had tried several products in the past that stopped working after a while and was told by friends to give Proactol XS a chance. She decided to try the drug because of the ingredient Chitosan.

Emily lost over 4 stones and posted her before and after photos which were just incredible and encouraging.

Where To Buy Proactol XS?

Proactol XS is NOT an over-the-counter medication and is not available in pharmacies or vitamin shops. My first bottle was from Amazon, but I’ve since discovered that the most reliable place to buy it is on the official website.

Some online retailers sell fake pills under the same name, and from my past experiences with weight loss drugs, I feel the only way to be sure I am buying the real product is to purchase it from the manufacturer’s website.

Besides, any deals and low price offerings will be offered on the website first, giving you the opportunity to save money.

Shipping and Money-back Guarantee

Proactol XS is available in packs of 60 capsules, and the website is currently offering a promo sale.

  • 1 bottle: $49.95
  • 2 bottles: $99.90 plus 1 free bottle
  • 3 bottles: $149.85 plus 3 free bottles

Also, if you are interested in buying the drug, you’ll get a 60-day money-back guarantee that is risk-free.

Proactol XS vs. XLS Medical vs. Alli Fat Binder

It is vital that buyers know which fat binders will work best for their bodies. Some products provide optimum benefits, while other fail miserably. After trying out all of the above fat binders, I can say for certain that Proactol is my preferred fat binder.

I’m not saying XLS or Alli are not effective, Proactol just has certain features that I find endearing on my weight loss journey.

At one time I loved Alli and bought it as Xenical. The drug was more effective than all the rest but had some uncomfortable side effects like gas and stomach cramps, headaches and cold like symptoms. It’s not 100% natural, so I attributed these symptoms to the ingredients.

After some time, I couldn’t ignore these side effects anymore, so I moved to XLS.

Just like Proactol, XLS was a natural fat binder with Litramine as its key ingredient. I lost 12lb in my first month but pulled it all back the month after. XLS did nothing for my appetite so when I heard of the appetite suppressing properties of Proactol; I decided to move on.

Although I liked oily discharge when I was on Alli—it made me feel like the drug was really binding fat—I didn’t see these symptoms with Proactol, and yet after the first three days I noticed a 3lb weight drop. Also, Proactol received a wide media endorsement which got me very suspicious.

I couldn’t tell whether it was a massive media campaign or if it actually worked for others. But after my first one week on the drug with no side effects and losing weight, it is definitely the best fat binder among the three.

However, if you can take Xenical without any side effects, then you may prefer it to Proactol because of its fat binder 2018

Final Verdict: Is This The Best Fat Binder, or Not?

Overall Proactol XS ticks most of the right boxes. Made with natural ingredients that will keep you assured you’re not damaging your body.

Unlike other fat binders, Proactol is clinically proven to work. It feels good to know that I’m not wasting money on a fat binder that was over-hyped. With proper diet and the right dosage, Proactol XS is one of the safest fat binding products on the market.

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